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7 Ways to Clean Sewer and Drainage Lines

There are nearly 500,000 plumbers in the United States.

Plumbers are trained to clean and maintain a home’s plumbing. Cleaning drainage lines is not difficult for a plumber, but chances are you are not one

For those of us who are not educated to handle plumbing problems and drainage line cleaning, it may appear to be a daunting chore. Sewer and drainage lines are lengthy, and they carry all of the water and garbage we flush. If your drains begin to make unusual noises or smell terrible, it is time to clean them.

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How To Maintain Drainage System

All drainage lines connect to your home’s sewer system. Whether in a sink, shower, or toilet, each drain connects to the sewer lines that exit your home. They are referred to as lateral lines and connect to sewer mains or mainlines.

You will be aware that your sewer needs cleaning. But how to maintain sewer lines? Strange noises, odors, and slow drain flushing indicate that your sewer system requires attention. However, not every circumstance necessitates the services of a plumber, and there are numerous things you may do to resolve a variety of issues.

1. Keep Your Lines Clean Often

Purchasing an enzyme cleaner is one way to accomplish this. Enzyme cleaners are available in a wide variety of types. While some are effective in removing pet stains, others are useful for cleaning out a drainage line. Any plumbing supply store and most hardware stores have high-quality cleansers for this purpose.

Adhere to the manufacturer’s directions and place the cleaner in a large drain. A basement drain is an optimal solution, although any large drain would suffice. Because enzyme cleaners work through a biological reaction, they require time. Have patience and let the cleaner perform its job.

2. Invest In A Snake

Snakes are inexpensive, and their use is straightforward. Minor clogs that occur inside your home can be easily removed with a snake. They are augers that are inserted into drain lines and cut or twist their way through clogs.

While snakes are not capable of resolving every issue, they are effective at removing minor obstructions. A simple snake will assist in keeping your drains clean, but caution should be exercised to avoid damaging your lines. If your snake cannot get through a clog, this is a solid indication that it is time to call a plumber.

3. Vinegar And Baking Soda

Baking soda with vinegar is a classic cleaning solution that many people use to degrease. When these two components are combined, a foamy and bubbly chemical reaction occurs. The bubbles will aid the baking soda in scraping away any grease that may be clogging the drain.

When the grease cools, it becomes extremely sticky. Other debris will be stuck in the grease that has accumulated in your lines. Even if you do not drop a lot of grease down the drain, it still can build up in your sewer lines.

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4. Flush Your Lines

If your lines are clear of obstructions, you can flush them with water to clean them. While you’re at it, add a few drops of drain cleaner to the water. A toilet is an excellent spot for this, as it allows large amounts of water and cleaner to pass through together.

This is not a good idea if you have a clog. The more water you add to the line, the greater the chance of backup. It may not even be possible if the water level is sufficiently high. When cleaning your sewer pipes, you must ensure that there are no obstructions. If you do, they must be addressed first.

5. Cleaning Prevention

Cleaning sewer lines does not require the onset of a catastrophe. Every month or two, put baking soda into your lines. This will assist in cleaning the walls of the pipes and may help prevent future problems. Additionally, you can use citrus-based cleansers for this.

6. You Can Use Drain Cleaners

You should avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners on a regular basis, as they might damage your pipes. However, you may flush drain cleaners down your lines a couple of times a year. Ensure that you are not using excessive water or flushing any other drains while performing this task.

The chemical must be allowed to dwell in the pipes for an extended period of time in order to dissolve any debris or waste that may have accumulated. Reduce the quantity of build-up in your line to avoid clogging.

7. Hire A Professional Drain Cleaner

Not every plumber is equipped to clean main sewer and drainage lines. Locate a sewer cleaning plumber who provides this service; they will likely have specialized equipment that can help. Ask the plumber you hire how long the process will take.

Certain clogs are difficult to remove, while others may signify damage to your sewer line. If you’ve kept your lines clean and made an attempt to clear the obstruction, this could indicate more problems. Having your sewer lines inspected by a professional can save you a lot of stress and money.

how to maintain sewer lines

Your Home And Sewer Lines

The majority of households pay little attention to their sewer systems. As long as they function properly, they don’t think about them at all. When an issue does occur, it can be too late for these preventive steps. Once its a big issue, it can be a huge burden and lead to a large unexpected expense.

Drainage line cleaning helps to minimize the risk of pipe damage and clogs. Even with the best of efforts, it might not resolve all of the issues that our sewer line may encounter. If you live in Colorado and sewer and drainage services, we are here for you.

Read about the importance of drain cleaning and maintenance here.

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The Importance of Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Consider the things that run down your drains on a regular basis. While dishwashing, various grease, and food particles are rinsed down the drain. When you shower, hair, soap, and filth make their way through your home’s plumbing system. If you do not frequently clean your shower and sink drains, the buildup can cause havoc in your home’s sewage lines and pipes. It is critical to schedule drain cleaning regularly to avoid future issues and damage to your home.

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What Are The Benefits Of Regular Drain Maintenance?

  • Improves your drain’s lifespan – Regular cleaning actually extends the life of your drains by minimizing the damage that accumulates over time.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors – Drain maintenance eliminates food particles and debris that have gathered in drains. When drains are cleaned professionally, foul odors can be removed as well.
  • Improved drainage and less clogs – Drains can become clogged over time, which can result in serious problems. Cleaning your drains can remove clogs and result in faster draining!
  • Prevents costly repairs – By scheduling regular drain maintenance, you may often discover minor concerns before they become major ones. Your plumber will be able to detect if you have aged or overflowing pipes or have pipe-damaging obstructions early on.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Drains?

Keeping your home’s drains clean is a critical aspect of regular home maintenance. The frequency with which drains should be cleaned is determined by several criteria, including the size of your household, how often you use your drains, and more.

While some small households could get away with cleaning on an “as needed” basis, larger households may need help from a drain cleaning company for more frequent professional maintenance. Generally, annual maintenance is recommended.

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How To Maintain Your Drains After A Professional Cleaning?

After a professional drain cleaning service, it’s essential to continue taking proactive maintenance activities to keep your drains working smoothly. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your drains clear on your own.

Ways to prevent clogs in drains:

  • Take care while disposing of things down the sink, toilet, or shower drain
  • Consider purchasing a drain grate or screen
  • Every few weeks, inspect the drain stoppers in your sink for any hair, soap buildup, or other particles that have begun to accumulate
  • Avoid flushing any over-the-counter chemical cleaners down the drain since they may clog your pipes
  • Every week, flush your bathroom drains with hot water to remove any buildup
  • Allow cold water to run while your garbage disposal is running

By following these preventative maintenance steps and investing in professional drain cleaning services on a regular basis, you can help avoid major problems. Allowing your drains to become clogged or even blocked can result in pipe damage, a drop in your water quality, and serious health issues.

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Have Your Drains Cleaned Professionally

Reach out to Smith Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical if you’re seeking a dependable and high-quality plumbing company. We are well-known for our prompt and courteous service. No maintenance or repair project is too big or too small — we handle all types of plumbing work!

One of our clients recently left this review about our services:

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How Can I Make My Furnace Quieter?

Winter is here, you’re using your furnace more often, and now you’re noticing that your furnace is louder than ever before. Of course, your furnace has always made a little noise. You recognize the sounds of your home and one of them is likely the reassuring sound of your heater’s thermostat clicking on. When you hear this sound, you know warmth and relief is on the way. What happens when the noises become increasingly louder and more alarming? This is when you should contact for furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO

If you’re hearing some concerning noises, then it means it’s time to address them. You want to make sure that your home is comfortable and quiet. It’s easy to make this a reality in your home and we can help. Here is the rundown on your home’s noisy furnace. 

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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Water Heater in Colorado?

When you buy a new piece of HVAC equipment for your home, we know that you’re looking for the best model available. You want it to be efficient, effective, and reasonably priced. We’re sure that you also factor in how long a water heater might last too. Although the time range varies, most water heaters last about 8-12 years. What side of the 8-12 spectrum you land on depends on a variety of factors that we’ll get into below. 

For now, though, if you’re looking for a great water heater installation in Colorado Springs, CO, you should know that you can find it here. We’re nothing short of knowledgeable and qualified here. We make sure to put our work to use for you. Let’s get in to some useful information you should know about your water heater below…

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What Does the Blinking Red Light On Your Furnace Mean?

Winter is in full force, the weather outside is colder than ever, and you’re using your heater every single day. When you wake up in the morning, a sigh of relief often accompanies that soft whooshing sound of warm air rushing through your air ducts. Your furnace works hard to keep your home warm in cold Colorado temperatures, but what happens when you notice an odd red blinking light.

This is sure to give you pause. There should actually be a light on your home’s furnace, but it should be solid and it should be a yellow or amber color. Anything else is a sign of trouble that should prompt you to seek furnace services in Colorado Springs. Let’s talk about why below…

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Fixing a Clogged Furnace Filter

If you run into the problem of a clogged air filter in your furnace, then you’ll quickly realize that it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a big issue that will worsen with time. If you leave a clogged furnace filter untreated, it will cause more problems for you over the course of the winter season. You might notice things like poor performance, increased energy costs, or even low airflow. 

All the problems we’ve listed above are reasons why you should invest in furnace repairs in Colorado Springs, CO as soon as possible. When our professionals come out, we can work to fix any problem that your furnace has and do it with ease. Put the work into our hands and rest easy.

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Is Replacing Your Boiler a Messy Job?

You’ve had your boiler for a while, you’ve realized that it might be time for you to replace it, and now you’re asking yourself… what am I in for? We’re here to help you know everything you need to know about replacing your boiler system. One of the most common questions that we get concerning boiler replacement is about what the job is going to be like. 

If you’re considering a new boiler installation in Colorado Springs, CO, then we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be a messy job. We know there are common questions surrounding your boiler replacement and we’re here to answer all the top ones today.

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How Disruptive Is Installing Central Heating?

When we talk to homeowners concerning their central heating replacement, we hear a lot of negative adjectives to describe this process. We hear words like difficult, tedious, or disruptive. Although we understand why you might associate central heating replacement with these feelings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this has to be the case. We can help you with your new heating system installation in Manitou Springs, CO.

We want the word “disruptive” to be the furthest thing from your mind when it comes to your central heating. It’s easy for us to do because we’re responsible and highly trained professionals. Let’s talk about everything you need to know concerning your central heating.

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Can I DIY Repair an Inducer Motor on my Furnace?

So you’re wondering if you can repair the inducer motor on your furnace on your own. Yes! If and only if you are trained and qualified to work on a furnace. If you’re not an HVAC professional, then it’s best that you rely on a trained professional to repair your system. 

When we say this, it’s not because we’re putting your ability or your resourcefulness on the chopping block. We suggest professional work because we’re the ones who can get your work done right the first time. We understand that when you see the signs you may need heating repairs, you want to act quickly. This is a good instinct to have. Trust us when we say that professional heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO will make everything worthwhile. 

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Why Is My Furnace Flame Burning Yellow?

If your furnace starts acting up and you’re looking for some common signs you need heating repairs, we know that it can often be a confusing process. You might find yourself noticing oddities and wondering what is actually an issue worth addressing with your furnace system. Today, we’re going to hip you to a great indicator of furnace trouble—your furnace flame. 

If you’re considering furnace repairs in Colorado Springs, CO, then you want to check in with your home’s furnace flame first. A yellow furnace flame is bad news. Your furnace flame should always burn steady and blue. Anything else is a problem that’s going to have ongoing complications. We’ll talk about the perils of a yellow furnace flame today. 

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