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Eva’s Story 

I’m a first generation Polish-American.

My Polish father was a German POW and my mother suffered many hardships as a young girl in Poland during WWII. A few years after the war ended, my parents met, married and immigrated to the United States, settling in San Jose, California.

My father was a 3rd generation Master Plumber, and quickly established a successful plumbing business once the family settled in San Jose. Known to everyone as "The Polish Plumber", my dad built a well-respected plumbing business and along with my two older brothers, ran that company until he died at 93!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the work ethic of the Polish people, and my father, mother and brothers were very hard workers.

As a young girl, I had to carry my weight, and I loved to hang out with my older brothers so I would hop into their plumbing truck and help them with their plumbing calls!

Actually, my brothers were nice enough to put up with me and although I wasn’t really in love with the plumbing work, I loved being with my (much) older brothers no matter what we were doing!

I left the family plumbing business when I went to College where I pursued an accounting & business degree and worked as a company controller for many years. Fast forward to today and here I am now in Colorado Springs with three children and an amazing husband who is also from a contracting family background.

He specialized in heating and air conditioning in his father’s family business, so when the opportunity presented itself, I bought Smith Plumbing and Heating and my husband and I run it!

Now known as "Eva, the Polish Plumber" to many of you in Colorado Springs, I’m extremely proud to carry on the family tradition of plumbers. Today, my daughter works with me at Smith’s and, who knows, maybe one day when my young sons grow up, they will join the business and carry on the family plumbing tradition for another generation!

Thank you to everyone that supports my woman owned business by allowing my team of talented technicians and plumbers serve you!

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