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Do I Need a Plumber to Install or Replace a Garbage Disposal?

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We hear this question pretty often from homeowners. We want to let you know that you should have a professional install or replace a garbage disposal. We’re not going to just have you take our word for this though. We’re going to explain all the reasons backing this below. For now though, all you need to know is that you can find the right plumber in Castle Rock, CO at our team.

We’re proud to say that we hand-pick our plumbing professionals with intention. There isn’t a weak link on our team. If you’re looking for a team you can trust to perform the right work for you, then we want you to start with our team. We’re professionals that care about the quality of our work.

“I Can Do It Without a Plumber”

You could, but you shouldn’t.

We know that it’s possible for you to do this. We never want our aversion toward amateur work to come off as us doubting your capabilities. We know that it’s possible, but the thing about amateur work is that the information you’re working with isn’t always reliable.

If you’re like most people, you’re going to let how-to videos and articles guide you through your DIY job. Searching the term “installing or replacing garbage disposals” will yield lots of search results, but the reality of the situation is that not all the sources are credible. We don’t want you to fall victim to misinformation. You might be able to install your garbage disposal, but the element of longevity will be missing. You don’t want a quick fix for now, you want a long-lasting installation job that’s going to do your home well.

Finding the Right Professionals

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into why professional work is so important:

A Decreased Need for Repairs

If you have a great installation job, you’re a lot less likely to run into a problem down the line. This is because the right foundation sets you up for a lifetime of success.

Unfortunately, amateur work and DIY work can’t set you up with an infallible foundation. This is because this type of work lacks the expertise required. Expertise is something that has material benefits. Don’t discount it—call in a professional.

Long-Lasting Service

You want your home’s garbage disposal to last you a long time. What’s the point of going through installation or replacement just to go through it again a few years later? That would be just as stressful as it would be time-consuming. Quality installation from a professional ensures that you have a high-quality garbage disposal for years to come.

A Clean and Hygienic Home

Your plumbing is important because it contributes to the overall comfort of your home. You don’t want to discount the importance of this work. A clean and hygienic home is important. It will keep you happy and healthy. You don’t want a misfiring garbage disposal that makes your home stink as a result. Quality work gets you quality results.

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