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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

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Your toilet isn’t broken necessarily. You can use it and it flushes just fine… but then it keeps flushing. It’s like it’s working overtime. It doesn’t seem to be affecting your toilet pressure or your home’s water pressure, but it sure is annoying and you can’t seem to make it stop. What should you do?

Your first step should be to contact a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO. A toilet running really isn’t something that you should ignore because it can actually hurt your plumbing system. We’re going to get into why this is happening and when it’s the right time to hire a professional.

“Is Your Toilet Running?”

We’re not going to tell you to go catch it. Instead, we’re going to get into the most common reasons why your toilet might keep running after a normal flush cycle:

You’ve Got a Bad Flapper

Your flapper is the part of your toilet that prevents water from escaping from your tank. Over time, your flapper is going to wear down a little bit. When this happens, you’ll notice that your flapper can harden. When it hardens, it starts to create a broken seal. That’s when your toilet can start to run all the time. Have one of our plumbers assist you in replacing this part.

Your Water Level Needs to be Adjusted

The water in your toilets tank is supposed to be at a specific level. The overflow tube in the tank acts as the toilets guard. The overflow tube in the tank prevents it from overflowing and flooding your entire bathroom.

Let’s say that the float cup in the tank is a little out of place though. What happens when this occurs is your fill valve turning on to fill things up again. This creates a situation where your toilet “runs” indefinitely.  

You Need a New Fill Valve

We’re going to talk a little more about the fill valve because it’s so important. As we mentioned above, your fill valve is in charge of making sure that your toilet doesn’t overflow. If it’s broken, the first thing that you’re going to notice is your toilet running.

This is something that you want to urgently address. You run the risk of flooding if you don’t.

There’s Trouble with Your Float

Check in with the float in your toilet. Sometimes, this part of your toilet can become full of water and start to sink down. If your float sits at a lower level than it’s intended to, you’re going to notice your home’s toilet running on end. Replacing your float is pretty simple. You can get in touch with one of our plumbers to do it.

When to Hire a Professional

“When should I hire a professional?” This is somewhat of a trick question. Honestly speaking, any time that you have a plumbing problem is a great time to hire a professional. We’re here to help you with any problem no matter how small it seems. Your plumbing system is complex. It’s important to treat it with professional care whenever you can.

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