If you’re having trouble getting your air conditioning system to perform, then we’re here to swoop in and save the day. Of course, we’re always here to provide you with the right resources and team members to fix up your home. We understand that there’s a little time between your call and our team members arriving. If you’d like to troubleshoot your air conditioning problems while you wait, we’ve got some tips. Try…

  • Checking for a Dirty Filter
  • Checking Your Thermostat Settings
  • Checking Your Circuit Breaker
  • Checking Your Outdoor Unit
  • Checking Your Air Vents

We’re going to get into everything you need to know about these topics. We specialize in AC repair in Pueblo, CO, and we’re going to get your air conditioner in great shape.

What To Do

Here are a few things you can do to help troubleshoot your malfunctioning air conditioning system:

Check for a Dirty Filter

Have you noticed that you’re having trouble getting airflow to your vents, that you have ice on your refrigerant lines, or you’re even experiencing equipment failure, then you might have a dirty filter.

So you’re probably wondering… how do I check this? All you need to do is go up to your vent, pull out your air filter, and check its appearance. If your air conditioner is in decent shape, then it should be clean, pristine, and untattered. If it’s been through a season or two, then you’ll notice that it’s dirty. You should always replace a dirty filter with a fresh one so that you’re getting pristine service.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Is your thermostat set to cooling mode? It might not be if you notice warm air coming out of your vents or you’re struggling to get your air conditioner to turn on. This is a common problem that many homeowners run into.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Is your air conditioner having trouble turning on? You should go over to your home’s electrical panel. Make sure that all your circuit breakers are in an “on” position. If this isn’t the case, then your air conditioner is struggling to perform because of this.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Are your energy bills high? Have you noticed that you’re struggling with frequent repair problems?

Go outside and take a look at your outdoor unit. If you see that there’s a layer of dirt, any tree branches or debris sticking out of your system, or anything else on your outdoor unit, then your outdoor unit needs to be cleaned.

Check Your Air Vents

Make sure that all your air vents are clean, clear, and ready to run. You’re probably having trouble with your homes’ air vents if you’re noticing your air conditioner struggling to cool you or that you’re having leaks in your home.

Take a walk throughout your home and make sure that each of your vents is open and unblocked. It’s important to even do this is rooms you don’t use often for your circulation.

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