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What Does the Blinking Red Light On Your Furnace Mean?

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Winter is in full force, the weather outside is colder than ever, and you’re using your heater every single day. When you wake up in the morning, a sigh of relief often accompanies that soft whooshing sound of warm air rushing through your air ducts. Your furnace works hard to keep your home warm in cold Colorado temperatures, but what happens when you notice an odd red blinking light.

This is sure to give you pause. There should actually be a light on your home’s furnace, but it should be solid and it should be a yellow or amber color. Anything else is a sign of trouble that should prompt you to seek furnace services in Colorado Springs. Let’s talk about why below…

Common Reasons Why a Furnace Light Blinks Red

Let’s start off with discovering why your furnace light could be blinking red. There are a few reasons for this. The most common reason why a furnace light might blink red is because it’s trying to send you an error message. 

We’re still not living in the age of The Jetsons even in the 2020s, so your furnace can’t speak to you, deliver a written message, or fix itself. The red blinking is the best technology we have right now to alert you do an issue. The blinking you’re seeing is made of a series of dots and dashes. When you have a professional come out to assess your furnace, they will be able to decipher the code. From there, they can determine exactly what has gone wrong with your system.

Does a Red Blinking Light Mean My Furnace Has Died?

Even without any context, a red blinking light coming from your furnace seems bad. Many homeowners begin to wonder if their furnace has died. We want to assure you that this isn’t always the case. Although this can be a possibility in some extreme cases, it’s much more likely that some part of your furnace has gone awry. The blinking code that your heater is giving off will determine which part of your furnace is in trouble. Our professionals will work quickly to diagnose what has gone wrong and then work to fix the problem as well. 

How to Professionally Troubleshoot a Red Blinking Light?

Maybe you’re wondering what professional service will look like. It will consist of one of our team members heading over to your furnace, taking a moment to interpret the blinking red light, and then determining what the source of your issue is. There are some common issues that result in a blinking red light. A few of them include:

  • Gas problems or ignition failure
  • A problem with the pressure switch or inducer
  • A furnace lock out (what occurs after your furnace has failed to ignite several times)

From there, we will discuss your furnace repair options with you and explain to you what might have caused this problem. We’re comprehensive professionals who cover it all. 

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