Heating your home can be pricey. If you’re not careful, you can wind up paying a huge energy bill.

While properly managing your heat throughout the winter will help you minimize your energy expenses, it still may not be enough. If your heater is not energy efficient, it can feel like you’re burning dollars just to stay warm.

The more effective your heater is, the less it should cost to run. However, it’s not usually easy to recognize when your system is operating the best it can.

If you are wondering if you have an energy efficient heater, here are three ways to find out.

3 Ways To Find Out If You Have The Most Efficient Electric Heat

Here are 3 ways to know whether your heater is working at its best:

1. Understand Your AFUE Rating

The annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE, is the most accurate approach to calculating the optimal efficiency of your heater. A heater’s AFUE rating is a percentage that indicates how efficiently it converts fuel into energy. The greater the AFUE, the greater the heater’s efficiency.

The rating of your heater can be found in the user handbook or on a label found within the furnace cabinet. If you are unable to identify the rating using either of these methods, you can also contact the manufacturer or conduct an Internet search using the heater’s make and model.

To qualify as an energy efficient heater, the rating must be at least 90%. In temperate climates, a heater with an 80% efficiency rating is often adequate and relatively common. The minimum acceptable rating for new equipment is 78%.

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2. Take Your Heater’s Age Into Account

The AFUE rating of your heater is a good starting point for analyzing if it’s an energy efficient heater, but it does not necessarily tell the whole story.

The average lifespan of a home’s heater is approximately 15 to 20 years. Even if your heater begins with an excellent rating, it can drop by around 5% per year if it is not maintained.

Despite the fact that you may have taken excellent care of your equipment over the years, its components will deteriorate over time. In addition, given the numerous advancements in HVAC technology, even a 10-year-old system could benefit from an upgrade.

Consider the age of your heater and its initial rating, then do the calculation. If energy efficiency and saving money on your power bill are essential to you, you may decide to begin measures sooner rather than later.

If you need help checking if you’re getting the most efficient electric heat, you may contact Smith Plumbing, Heating, And Cooling​​, Colorado Springs for help— whether it’s for maintenance, repair, or replacement.

3. Compare And Calculate Your Energy Bills

It is normal for energy bills to fluctuate on occasion. Seasonal shifts, a change in living conditions, or an increase in energy expenses are common causes.

Nonetheless, doing an electric heater efficiency comparison can help you determine if your heater is losing efficiency. If your energy bill is substantially greater than it was at the same time last year, your heater may not be operating as efficiently as it could.

Observe your heating bills and take note of any external factors that may contribute to a higher bill, such as varying climatic conditions from year to year, a lack of maintenance, or the need for general home improvements such as insulation, windows, and weatherization. Monitoring these changes might help you make more informed decisions about home heating.

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Maintain Your Heater’s Efficiency With The Help Of Smith Heating And Cooling, Colorado Springs

Whether you’re in the market for a new heater or you’re wanting to keep your current system working as long as possible, maintaining your heater’s efficiency requires regular care.

If you are in the market for a new system, a professional expert will consider the local climate and your personal preferences before recommending the most appropriate equipment for your home. To ensure that your AFUE rate is as accurate as possible, maintain a regular schedule of inspection and maintenance appointments with Smith heating and cooling services to keep your unit operating at its peak.

Smith Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling can assist you in maintaining your heating system so that it operates as effectively as possible.

Contact Smith Plumbing and Heating for heating and air conditioning service maintenance appointments or if you’d like to speak with an expert about installing a new, high-efficiency system. We would be pleased to assist you in locating an energy efficient heater that matches your requirements.

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