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How to Troubleshoot Strange Furnace Noises and Sounds

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Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, but your home has started to seem a little spooky anyway. There are many unexpected sounds that go bump in the night and you’ve realized where they’re coming from—your heater. If you’ve noticed that your home’s heater is causing a racket, it’s a great sign to get in contact with one of our professionals.

Today, we want to focus on some of the common signs you need heating repairs. As you know, your heater isn’t a system that’s completely silent. There are some sounds that you’re probably used to hearing. The problem is the sounds that are unusual, new, or exceptionally loud. We want to help you pinpoint these sounds and figure out how to relieve your home of these issues. 

Furnace Is Emitting Scraping Noises

When you turn on your furnace you notice that there are scraping noises. When you hear scraping, it’s typically because there’s something going wrong with your home’s blower wheel. The blower wheel can cause a lot of problems if it’s run-down or misaligned. The noise that you’re hearing is the sound of metal parts rubbing together. We know that this sound is grating and enough to make you want to pull your hair out. This is a great reason to contact our professionals as soon as possible. We can pinpoint the issue and work to solve it. 

Furnace Is Emitting Screeching Noises

Do you notice a bunch of screeching noises coming from your home’s system? This sound it typically an issue that comes from your home’s motor bearing being out of shape. The motor bearing issue is a huge problem that is typically one that we get a call about as soon as it starts because it’s so loud and concerning. Although the sound is loud, the problem is actually pretty simple for one of our technicians to solve. We use a special, heavy duty lubricant to get your motor back on track. 

Furnace Is Emitting “Thwapping” Noises

“Thwapping” might sound like an odd word to describe a sound going on in your home, but if you hear it then we’re sure that you know what we mean. This sound typically arises when something gets stuck in the fan blades of the blower. It’s also true that you might hear this when something is caught in the outdoor component of your furnace. Either scenario is a great reason to call a professional. We can remove whatever item is ailing your system and do a thorough check to make sure that nothing else is causing harm. 

Furnace Is Emitting Banging or Clunking Noises

If you pay attention to your furnace on a good day, then you know that banging noises are common. The problem comes when they get loud. Loud banging or clunking noises indicate problems with the ignition of your furnace system. This isn’t something that you should hear often. If you do, then it means that it’s time to schedule an appointment for repair. 

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