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Signs / Symptoms that I Need Heating Repair?

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Signs / Symptoms That You Need Heating Repair

  • Heating System is Short Cycling: Short cycling is a clear sign that your heating system isn’t prepared to operate efficiently. Repair is best for this problem because it can cause breakdowns if it’s allowed to go on for too long. Learn more about short cycling. 
  • Strange Noises from Your Furnace: Your furnace isn’t going to be completely silent, but it shouldn’t make much noise either. If you’re hearing noises that are new, odd, or just loud, then you should schedule an appointment for repair. Read more about how to troubleshoot strange noises coming from your furnace.
  • High Power Bills: If your home’s power bills are spiking although you can’t pinpoint the reason why, then you should schedule an appointment for heating repair. This is a sign that inefficiency is getting the best of your heater.
  • Your Burner Flame Turns Yellow: Your burner flame should always burn a steady, bright blue. If it’s yellow, then it means that you’re not getting enough heating power and you could use assistance.
  • Constantly Adjusting Your Thermostat: If you’re hovering over your thermostat because you’re not warm enough, then you need to help your heater with repair services.
  • Reduced Air Quality: Has there been an increase in dust? Maybe you’re noticing that you’re coughing much more often or even wheezing. These are all signs that your air quality has reduced and it’s likely due to your home’s heater.
  • The Thermostat is Set to Max Heat: You really shouldn’t have to set your heater to the highest temperature possible just to get warm. This is a clear indication that your heater is struggling to perform.
  • Uneven Temperatures and Cold Spots: Uneven temperatures mean that your heater is struggling to get your home warm. It could be a capacity issue that repair can resolve.
  • When You’ve Put Off Heating Maintenance for Too Long: You should have your heater maintained once every fall. If you’ve skipped out on this for a while, then the problems you’re facing have likely escalated from a maintenance need to a repair need.

We’re ready to help you with all your heating repairs in Colorado Springs and the greater Springs metro area. Contact us to get in touch with a heating professional today.

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