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Why Is My Furnace Flame Burning Yellow?

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If your furnace starts acting up and you’re looking for some common signs you need heating repairs, we know that it can often be a confusing process. You might find yourself noticing oddities and wondering what is actually an issue worth addressing with your furnace system. Today, we’re going to hip you to a great indicator of furnace trouble—your furnace flame.

If you’re considering furnace repairs in Colorado Springs, CO, then you want to check in with your home’s furnace flame first. A yellow furnace flame is bad news. Your furnace flame should always burn steady and blue. Anything else is a problem that’s going to have ongoing complications. We’ll talk about the perils of a yellow furnace flame today.

The Proper Mix of Oxygen and Gas

We need to start off with the proper mix of oxygen and gas to power a furnace flame. To get a good burn going, you’re going to need the proper mix of natural gas and oxygen. If your system has too much gas or too much oxygen, the flame is going to have trouble burning. The color of the flame indicates different issues going on with your system. Let’s get into a few common questions that you might have below.

Questions That You Might Have

Here are a few questions that you might have surrounding your home’s furnace flame.

Can too much gas cause my furnace flame to be yellow?

Yes, a yellow or orange furnace flame means that your system might have too much gas or not enough oxygen. Another symptom that you might notice is soot on your furnace system.

So how does your furnace system have too much gas? One possible cause of this might be the fact that the burner opening is just too large. This can happen if you have a defective unit or an old stove.

Can too much oxygen cause my furnace flame to be yellow?

No, if your furnace flame was receiving too much air, the color of the flame wouldn’t be yellow.

Is a yellow furnace flame a safety issue?

Yes, a yellow furnace flame is a potential safety issue. It’s a safety issue because your system isn’t producing the appropriate level of gas or oxygen. Ignoring signs like this will lead to problems with a gas leak and potential danger in your home. We want to help you with this process. You can always get in touch with our team members for quality care.

Professional Care Is Always Necessary

One thing that we want you to remember is that professional care is always necessary in your home. We know that it becomes more tempting than ever to try DIY work during this time of year. The holidays are here, it’s busy, and you might not want to call out a professional during this time. We can assure you that our professional care is both fast, effective, and high-quality. Professional care is always worthwhile.

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