If you run into the problem of a clogged air filter in your furnace, then you’ll quickly realize that it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a big issue that will worsen with time. If you leave a clogged furnace filter untreated, it will cause more problems for you over the course of the winter season. You might notice things like poor performance, increased energy costs, or even low airflow. 

All the problems we’ve listed above are reasons why you should invest in furnace repairs in Colorado Springs, CO as soon as possible. When our professionals come out, we can work to fix any problem that your furnace has and do it with ease. Put the work into our hands and rest easy.

What does a furnace filter do?

Your furnace’s filter prevents particles like dust, pollen, and even smoke from entering the system’s interior. It is able to do this by drawing outdoor air through the ductwork. Once this air is drawn into the furnace, it passes through the air filter, and from there the filter catches and stops all the particles in their tracks. 

The benefit of your furnace filtering out all these particles is varied. You can enjoy improved efficiency, longevity, and a healthier home. 

What causes a clogged furnace filter?

A lack of care of maintenance causes a clogged filter. This is why we recommend that you change your filter once every season or once every three months. If you aren’t already doing this, setting a calendar reminder can be a game-changer for your home. Here are a few other problems that can cause a clogged filter.

  • Using a low quality filter: You should invest in a high quality filter. A low quality filter doesn’t always do the best quality work.
  • Colder temperatures than usual: The colder that the temperature is, the more your furnace runs. A higher level of usage can cause your filter to clog up faster than it normally would.
  • Poor indoor air quality: Poor indoor air quality can actually cause your furnace to clog up faster than usual. 

Can I change my clogged furnace filter?

We don’t encourage DIY work, but changing a clogged furnace filter is one task that’s fully in the hands of a homeowner. If you’re wondering how to do it, we want to help you with the process. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Figure out what filter you have and purchase a replacement.
  • Turn off your furnace.
  • Remove the old filter
  • Place your new filter in. 
  • Be sure that it’s placed in correctly. 
  • Close the furnace.
  • Turn your system back on.

If you run into any problems on the way, you can rely on our professionals for further assistance.

How to prevent a clogged furnace filter?

The best way to prevent a clogged furnace filter is to replace your filter once a season and maintain your home’s heater annually. This will help you prevent a clogged furnace filter and other furnace troubles. 

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