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how does a heat pump work in summer

How a Heat Pump Works To Cool Your Home During Summer

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People often don’t know how a heat pump works in the summer. This could be because the word “heat” is in their name.

Because of this, many people are surprised to learn that heat pumps don’t just work in the winter but also keep your home cool in the summer.

Many people still don’t know how a heat pump works during summertime.

During the summer, it works by moving heat from the inside of your home to the outside. It is made up of a coil and a fan. The coil acts as a condenser. It uses refrigerant, which takes in heat and sends it outside, making your home cooler.

No matter what kind of pump you have, it will work the same way to make your home cooler. If you need help with maintenance, you can reach out to our team at Smith Plumbing and Heating, Colorado Springs​​.

Here’s more about how heat pumps work in the summer and the many benefits they offer:

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How Does A Heat Pump Work In Summer

Heat pumps are kind of like air conditioners that can be turned around because they can move heat either inside or outside your home. There are two kinds: ones that get their heat from the air and ones that get their heat from the ground. Ground-source heat pumps take heat from the ground outside your home and the air inside. Air-source heat pumps take heat from the air inside and outside your home. Installing a heat pump system is comparable to installing a ductless mini-split AC system in that you need an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

Heat pumps don’t use fuel to make heat like furnaces do. So, they don’t need natural gas or any other kind of fuel to run. This is why they use less energy than other types of heating systems. Even though they use electricity, they still use less power than a conventional furnace or boiler.

How To Get The Most Out OF Heat Pumping

Even though heat pumps are more often used for heat pumping in the winter, they can also be used to cool in the summer. Even in humid climates like ours, heat pumps work well and can keep your home comfortable all year long. Because they use so little energy, if you use your heat pump annually, you will probably save money on your monthly utility bills. You don’t have to worry about heat waves or sudden jumps in summer temperatures, either, because heat pumps keep working well even when it’s very hot outside.

Don’t Rely On The “Auto” Setting

Though “auto” mode is convenient and allows your heat pump to switch from heating to cooling easily, it can cause your system to operate more frequently. This will need additional energy and cost you money. As seasons change, it will work extra hours to maintain the comfort of your house. This means that it may be cooling during the day but will convert to heating mode when the temperature drops at night. This switching between heating and cooling is unnecessary for most individuals.

When you anticipate that you will not need heating for the remainder of the season, change the heat pump to its cooling mode, and vice versa. Similarly, you may feel that the auto fan feature is excessive, so you can manually set the fan to a lesser level to maintain a comfortable house while consuming less energy.

Don’t Change Your Thermostat Settings

With a standard HVAC system, many individuals adjust their thermostat throughout the day and frequently while they are away. This is useful for conventional systems and can help them operate more efficiently and save money, but it is unnecessary for heat pumps. Changing the setting on your thermostat frequently can cause your pump to consume more energy over time. It is preferable to set the desired temperature and then ignore it — that’s how a heat pump works in the summer.

Have A Heat Pump Maintenance Yearly

You must arrange annual maintenance with Smith Plumbing, just as you would with air conditioner service Peyton CO and any other HVAC appliance. In addition to a complete inspection, we will replace filters, clean the interior and outside of the unit, and ensure that your system is operating at top efficiency. If we discover any repair difficulties, we will present you with your repair options and assist you in getting your system up and running as soon as possible.

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