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Air Conditioning Efficiency & Comfort Checklist

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Now that summer is here, you need to keep your air  conditioning efficiency in mind. You’ve probably heard an HVAC professional tell you this before, but the key component that you’re missing is the “how.” Improving your air conditioning efficiency isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers together and making it a reality. It takes some effort, and we have the right tips in place to make it easy for you.

If you need air conditioning services, we’re the team you can call for everything. We’re even here for the bigger jobs like AC system installation in Castle Rock, CO. Today though, we’re going to start you off with some great tips.

Helpful Tips for Your AC System

Here are a few tips you can try this summer. They’re sure to boost your efficiency and keep you cooler in the process.

Replacing the Air Filter

It’s important to replace your HVAC systems air filter at least once a season. This means once every few months or literally once every season if this aligns for your home’s personal rhythm.

Replacing your HVAC system’s filter is so vital because it sets a clear pathway for your HVAC system to perform. Think about it like this—if you were running at a track meet, would you rather run on a clear, evenly paved pathway or one that’s littered with rocks, debris, and potholes? We’d bet that you’d choose the even pathway. We would too and your air conditioner plays by the same rules. Replacing an air filter sets a clear pathway.

Turn Off Lights and Close Curtains During the Day

When it’s noon, the sun is high in the sky, and your home is hot, turn off your lights close up your curtains and blinds. This is the easiest way to improve reduce the strain that might be put on your air conditioning system otherwise. Leaving lights on and blinds open creates unwanted warmth.

Unblock all Vents

It’s easy to block your vents on accident throughout the year. That poster seemed fine to cover a corner of your vent during the spring when you weren’t using your AC system that often. Now though? It might be the one thing that’s block airflow to your bedroom. Unblock your vents and give your AC system a fighting chance.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Maintenance is the best tip you can abide by when it comes to cooling. Make sure that you’re scheduling an appointment each spring to keep your air conditioner in top shape. We have a maintenance plan if you’re interested in saving on this service. Learn more about our USA Club Membership here.

Consider Upgrading your AC System

If you’ve had your air conditioning system for a while you should think about upgrading. “A while” here is anything at or nearing a decade. You really need to expedite your replacement process if you’ve had a multitude of repair needs in recent history or efficiency issues.

An older air conditioner might work, but it’s not going to work well. Don’t sacrifice your efficiency for lackluster comfort.

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