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10 Tips On How To Stay Cool For The Summer

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In order to withstand the intense summer heat, it is unavoidable that you will require an air conditioner. But what happens if your air conditioner breaks down and you are left without cold air until it is repaired by Smith Plumbing? This will be an unpleasant situation for some time, but there are a few clever ways you can stay cool over the summer. Here are ten tips on how to stay cool for the summer.

1. Install A Ceiling Or Portable Fan

Portable fans and ceiling fans are excellent alternatives to malfunctioning air conditioners. A portable fan cannot cool the air as well as an air conditioner. Instead, they function by creating a breeze, and the wind-chill impact of that breeze has a cooling effect on the skin.

Place a basin of ice in front of the fan for an additional cooling effect. This straightforward method produces a refreshing air mist. Another excellent tip is to position a box fan opposite an open window. This is a simple way to create a cross-breeze that can substantially reduce a room’s temperature.

2. Take Cold Showers And Use Ice Packs

Never dismiss indicators that your air conditioner requires maintenance, especially before summer begins. Always plan seasonal inspections and regular maintenance with a company offering plumbing and heating Colorado Springs residents trust. If, however, the air conditioning fails, it is time to return to the basics. To combat the heat, take a cold shower. In addition to lowering your body’s core temperature, an ice-cold shower will revitalize your skin and increase your blood circulation.

Next, restock your ice! When temps are hot and you’re looking for ways how to stay cool in the heat, ice will be your closest friend. Consume lots and lots of ice water to maintain hydration and avoid heat-related sickness. To maintain your coolness, place ice packs on your wrists, neck, groin, and temples. You can also purchase a custom-fitted ice vest. Ice cooling vests are widely used by athletes to maintain constant body temperature and prevent dehydration.

3. Avoid Using The Stove

In the winter, cooking indoors is a terrific method to warm up a cold house, but in the summer, you should avoid doing so. Using the oven and stove to cook increases the house’s temperature and humidity. In addition to being uncomfortable, excessive heat and humidity can create moisture buildup and condensation in the home. This excess moisture can result in a range of issues, including the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause infections and allergies.

During the summer, replace hearty soups and stews with light meals, salad, cold meats, fruits, and sandwiches. Instead of using the oven to prepare a meal, fire up the grill and barbecue your meat and vegetables. Summer is, after all, the ideal season to host a BBQ with friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to spend summer weekends, and you won’t return home to a sauna or a sink full of dirty dishes!

4. Keep The Curtains Closed

Even while your air conditioner is operating, closing the curtains and blinds during the day is a sensible way to keep your home cool and conserve electricity. The home’s interior temperature rises as a result of sunlight entering through the windows. Even walls and furniture absorb heat. Consequently, your air conditioner must work harder to cool the home.

Before you leave for work, make it a practice to draw the curtains and close the blinds and window shutters. This prevents heat from entering the residence during the day’s hottest hours. Blackout curtains are the most effective in blocking sunlight and heat. You’ll arrive home to a significantly cooler house, and a cooler house means you can raise your HVAC thermostat a few degrees, therefore, reducing your electricity expenditure.

tips to beat the heat

5. Use Light Bedding

How to stay cool for the summer? Use light, breathable cotton sheets to get a good night’s sleep while the air conditioner is not working. On a hot night, you may usually go without a comforter since a sheet would suffice. Keep a light blanket close by in case you feel a bit chilly at night and wish to cover up.

Between 60 and 70 degrees, Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for a restful sleep. Some people raise the AC thermostat at night to conserve energy. However, a level that is excessively loud will make it difficult to fall asleep. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat that will allow you to select the perfect temperature for the night and automatically return to the daytime setting in the morning.

6. Dampen Your Curtains

The air in a room can be unusually chilled by spritzing the drapes with water or hanging a wet sheet in the window. Keep an open window to permit fresh air to flow over the damp curtain or sheet. This works best when there is a breeze. The water will evaporate when the breeze passes over the damp curtains or sheets, helping to chill the room’s air. It is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of cool air and stay cool for the summer.

7. Stay Downstairs

A basic aspect of physics is that heat rises. This indicates that warm air has a natural tendency to rise. If you live in a two-story home, you’ve likely observed that the upper level is always warmer than the ground floor. If the air conditioning is broken, stay downstairs. The atmosphere will be cooler downstairs than upstairs. Kids may find it entertaining to pitch tents and sleep on air mattresses in the living room. If temperatures are intolerable, you may wish to descend to the basement, which is the coldest area of a home.

Uneven temperature distribution across a two-story home regulated by a single thermostat will likely lead to countless family disagreements. If the thermostat is positioned downstairs, it will sense the temperature close to the unit and adjust the temperature to be appropriate for the downstairs area. The upper level will not receive the same amount of cooling, resulting in dissatisfied people. Separate thermostats for the upstairs and downstairs of a multi-story home or a zoned system, such as a ductless split system, are the best ways to maintain an even temperature and keep the entire family satisfied.

8. Eat Spicy Foods

Another tip to stay cool for the summer? Consuming spicy foods on a hot day may seem irrational, but there is logic behind the madness. Have you ever wondered why individuals in some of the world’s hottest regions consume spicy foods? Countries with hot temperatures, such as Mexico, India, and Morocco, have one thing in common: spicy cuisine. Spicy foods may cause an initial surge of heat in the body, but this heat causes perspiration. Once air comes into touch with perspiration on the skin, it begins to lower the body’s temperature.

use a fan

9. Grow Trees Or Add Awnings

Trees take a long time to bloom, but they give wonderful natural shade and add beauty to a garden in the long run. A large, leafy tree near the house can reduce the interior temperature by a few degrees. If you lack the patience to wait for a tree to grow, you can quickly offer shade by placing awnings over the doors and windows. Awnings not only give shade on sunny days but also serve as an excellent rain shelter. Consider applying heat-reflective film to windows for added protection so you can stay cool for the summer.

10. Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Most people associate insulation with heating. In addition to maintaining warmth, insulation prevents cold air from escaping a house during the summer. It is essential to seal drafty window and door frames to prevent air loss. Simple window elements such as shutters are another approach to increase insulation.

Contacting Smith Plumbing to evaluate your property for air leaks and drafts around windows and doors is an excellent idea. If your home’s insulation is insufficient, it is a sensible investment to improve it. Injection foam insulation is among the most effective insulation options. Liquid foam is injected into the house’s framework, dry walls, and attic during this process. The foam fills the space and immediately solidifies, forming an airtight seal that will keep your home warm for the winter and cool for the summer.

Home Cooling Tips During Extreme Heat

Maintaining your AC system in good condition is the greatest method to avoid being without air conditioning when the heat turns oppressive. Regular HVAC maintenance, including yearly tune-ups, will help spot possible issues early, keep the system operating at peak efficiency year-round, and preserve the system’s longevity.

Contact us for all your HVAC maintenance and repairs or check Smith Plumbing and Heating reviews for more info. We are one of the most reliable HVAC specialists who can handle your concerns. Don’t panic if your air conditioner breaks down. Our expert technician will get your air conditioner up and running in no time, allowing you to enjoy and stay cool for the summer.

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