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Does a Ductless AC Unit Also Act as a Dehumidifier?

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We get many questions surrounding ductless air conditioners. These systems aren’t necessarily new, but they’re not as common as central air conditioners are in our area. That’s why our professionals are always happy to provide you with the answers you need concerning ductless HVAC services. We know the common questions and we have in-depth questions to provide you clarity.

One question that we’d like to touch today is the question surrounding ductless air conditioners and dehumidification. Homeowners want to know if air conditioners can dehumidify a space. Let’s dive into this topic below…

The Answer Is Yes… And No

We know, this is the fast and definitive answer that you were probably expecting, but the truth is that the answer is a little more complex and we’re going to break it down here.

The “Yes” Aspect

Ductless mini-split systems do dry the air in your home. When homeowners hear this they think, “So they do dehumidify! The answer is partially. Mini split systems dry the air, but they don’t do enough drying to prevent mold growth the way that a dehumidifier would.

The “No” Aspect

We’re going to break it down for you. Let’s say that you have a family of four and you live in an average sized home here in Colorado Springs. You produce a decent amount of humidity on a daily basis. In fact, the average family of four produces about 25 pints of moisture a day. Are you wondering how? It’s through daily tasks as routine as starting a load of laundry, cleaning your kitchen, cooking, taking a steamy shower, and even just sweating or breathing.

A ductless mini split dries out air, but it doesn’t dry your home’s air out enough to combat all this. The average ductless mini split dries out about 4 pints of water an hour—and this is being generous. This means that even the best drying ductless mini split would have to run for about six hours uninterrupted to remove all the moisture you create in a home. This is why we don’t like to give a definitive “yes” to the original question. You can’t always rely on a ductless mini split to do your dehumidification work. It’s main function is to cool, and dehumidifying comes second.

Assessing Your Needs

Now that we’ve explained the capabilities of ductless mini split systems, where does this leave you?

Are you satisfied with what a ductless mini split can do for you? Are you now entertaining the thought of equipping your home with a dehumidifier? Are you simply confused about your next steps? We’re here to help no matter what.

If you’re satisfied with what a ductless mini split can do, then we’re here for your AC installation in Colorado Springs, CO. If you need a dehumidifier, then we can provide this too. We’re also here if you just need some suggestions. It’s okay not to have all the answers right away. This is where the expertise of our experts helps.

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