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Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

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Colorado Springs is on the verge of summer, so now is the time to ensure that you and your family are prepared for outdoor fun. In anticipation of warmer weather, many people do not realize how crucial it is to ensure that your home is adequately chilled for when the temperatures rise. Unfortunately, air conditioning maintenance is frequently neglected. There is a considerable probability that you would benefit from an air conditioner replacement

Replacement Air Conditioner 101 | 5 Common Signs

Searching for “Smith plumbing near me”? This summer, the Smith Plumbing and Heating, Colorado Springs team aims to give you the comfort you need. Not sure if you need a new heating and cooling system before the warm weather arrives? Here are 5 common signs to be aware of:

1. Insufficient Cool Air & Airflow

This is likely the most obvious indication that your AC is malfunctioning. If the unit does not produce cold air after a few minutes of being turned on, it is likely not operating properly. The problem could also be caused by clogs in your piping/ductwork, which block airflow and do not remove themselves. Regardless of the underlying cause, a lack of airflow indicates an issue that a replacement AC is needed.

2. Visible Moisture Buildup

All air conditioning units will produce some moisture, but properly operating systems should be able to handle it without difficulty. If there is dampness or leaking around the AC unit, you may have a refrigerant leak on your hands. Not only will this cause the system to malfunction, but it also poses a grave threat to your family’s health. Even if only water is accumulating, allowing the problem to persist might create an unpleasant environment for mold growth.

3. Loud & Strange Noises

Have you noticed that your AC is noisier than it once was? The existence of unusual noises such as grinding, squeaking, or chattering is never ordinary and should not be interpreted as a typical indicator of aging. Most air conditioning units are designed to function at a barely audible volume, so if your system is attracting attention to itself, it’s time for air conditioner replacement.

4. Intolerable Foul Smells

Just as unusual sounds often indicate a problem with the heating and cooling system, so do unusual odors. Your AC should emit clean, odorless air, but this is not always the case when difficulties exist. A smoky or burning odor can signify major issues requiring immediate attention or a replacement AC.

5. High Energy Bills

If your energy costs have just skyrocketed, it may be because your system is working too hard to accomplish its job. Even if your home is not adequately cooled, your AC unit may be significantly increasing your monthly energy costs. You can minimize your bills for years to come by investing in new equipment for air conditioner replacement.

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Smith Plumbing And Heating, Colorado Springs, At Your Service

If your AC is at least ten years old, you should be grateful that it has survived this long and start looking for your replacement air conditioner. In general, ACs do not survive longer than a decade. These indicators are helpful reminders of how to promptly identify a problem and, in many circumstances, prevent getting a replacement AC.

During the summer, keeping your home at a reasonable temperature requires a variety of well-functioning systems. If you observe any of the following 5 signs, contact Smith heating and air conditioning service, immediately. If something goes wrong, attempting to perform the repairs on your own may incur additional costs. Also, read Smith Pink Trucks blog about 5 tips to reduce strain on your HVAC system.

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