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Awesome Ways To Beat The Heat During Summer Nights

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Summer is finally here! This implies that it is time for barbecues, beach days, kayaking, and every other outdoor activity you can imagine. But wait! In addition to enjoying yourself, you must also endure the oppressive heat and sleepless nights.

Most folks would immediately turn on their air conditioning at home. However, as a gentle reminder, air conditioning is neither environmentally friendly nor a cost-effective solution to survive a summer night and beat the heat.

Check out these 12 ways to beat the heat and will keep you cool as a cucumber.

You may also contact Smith Pink Trucks to know the amps needed for mini split air conditioners — this is one way how to beat summer heat both outside and inside your home.

Change Your Mattress

When the temperature rises, replace your cushy mattress with a minimalist straw or bamboo mat. Straw and bamboo mattresses retain less heat than modern beds, despite their antique appearance. As they are suspended on all sides, ventilation is improved around cots and hammocks, making them good options.

Enjoy The Freeze

Before bed, place your linens in a plastic bag and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes. Although it will not keep you cool all night, it will provide temporary relief from the heat and humidity.

Put Ice In Front Of Your Fan

Here’s another way how to survive the heat outside: Place a shallow pan or bowl of ice in front of a fan and create your own air conditioner. As the ice melts, the wind will take up cold water from the ice’s surface, generating a cool mist.

Turn Off The Lights And Gadgets

As the sun sets, try to power down as many electronic devices and lights as possible. Small appliances and devices generate heat and will warm the air around you. Consequently, be aware of the lights and gadgets you leave on and plugged in.

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Keep Your Feet Cool

Our toes are extremely sensitive to temperature since the feet and ankles contain several pulse points. Before going to bed, cool the entire body by soaking your feet in a pail of cold water. You can also keep the pail near your bed to soak your feet whenever you feel like you need to beat the heat.

Make Your Fans Do The Work

If your room’s fans are circulating hot air, try aiming a box fan outward through a window frame. This will remove all of the heated air, leaving you comfortable and cool. In the case of a ceiling fan, it should be adjusted to rotate counter clockwise. This will produce the same result. It will flow heated air upwards and outwards, providing a comfortable environment.

Take A Shower Before Bed

A cold bath before bed can assist in rinsing away perspiration and lowering body temperature. This will let you go to bed feeling cool and clean, allowing you to sleep more soundly.

Final Thoughts

So, people without an air conditioner or those who wish to save a high energy cost might use the following tips to beat the heat on these muggy summer nights. This summer, be inventive and do not allow the heat to sap your energy.

Smith Plumbing and Heating Colorado Springs, is here for you in case you need an air conditioner repair, replacement, or maintenance.

Check out this article to understand how a heat pump works to cool your home this summer.

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