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Can I Repair my own Heating System?

We know that DIY heating repairs are all too tempting. Most of the time, we strongly recommend that you have a professional handle your needs. 

This isn’t because we don’t think you can handle your HVAC services, it’s because professional service ensures quality service the first time and longevity.

Although this is all true, there are actually a handful of things you can do for your system on your own. Occasionally, you can repair your own heater using these DIY tips!

If you’re ever struggling with your heating system, try these tips before calling a professional. We are a trusted heating repair contractor in Colorado Springs, so if you need fast and professional service, call us right away. 

DIY Heating Repairs

  • Reset Home Circuit Breaker (DIY): If you think that your home’s heater or air conditioner isn’t working, then the first thing you want to do is check your circuit breaker. It’s possible that your circuit breaker might have tripped and left your HVAC system unable to function. A simple check can prevent an unnecessary service call.
  • Check for a Clogged Air Filter (DIY): It’s important that you change the filter of the appropriate HVAC system once a season. If you leave your filter in too long, the opportunity for it to clog increases. If you’re running into HVAC issues, check your filter. Swapping it out for a fresh one can get rid of your issues.
  • Check the Safety Switch on Furnace Door (DIY): Your furnace door safety switch is designed to keep your furnace off when the blower door is removed. Make sure that the door is fully closed so that it can operate.
  • Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean and Unobstructed (DIY): Clutter around your furnace can actually hurt the performance of your system. Clearing up the space around the unit can help you get better heating for less.
  • Check The Thermostat (Is it on or off? Does it need a new Battery): Check to make sure that your thermostat is in the appropriate mode (air conditioning or heating rather than "off.") and check your thermostat’s connection. If you have a thermostat that uses batteries, it’s vital that the unit is packed with fresh batteries.

The Smith Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical professionals are always available to assist you with your HVAC needs. Contact us if your troubleshooting attempts don’t alleviate your needs.

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