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Top 10 Reasons for an Underperforming AC System

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So you’ve run your air conditioning system for a while now. You’re starting to notice that your air conditioner isn’t performing well. Maybe you’re uncomfortable, you’re noticing weird behaviors from your AC system, or you’re even paying too much for your air conditioner. We understand that AC repair needs don’t typically pop up at the most opportune times. This is why we work to make everything as easy as possible for you.

You don’t want to struggle through an entire summer here in Colorado Springs with an underperforming AC unit. You’ll be hot, frustrated, and pay far too much for your AC service.

10 Reasons Why Your AC Doesn’t Provide You With the Right Service

Let’s talk about what’s gone wrong with your air conditioner. This could be the source of your issue:

1. The Air Conditioning System Doesn’t Fit Your Home’s Needs

The problem with your air conditioner might have started from day one. You’re going to have ongoing problems with your air conditioner if it was never properly fit to your home. Your air conditioner might be oversized or undersized.

If it’s oversized, then you’ll experience short cycling. This is when your air conditioner runs in short, incomplete cycles, and doesn’t leave your home cool for long.

It your air conditioner is undersized; you’ll probably feel like your air conditioner never really cools your home off.

Both problems pose unique issues. We’re here to help you find the unit that’s actually going to work for your home.

2. The Refrigerant isn’t Properly Charged

This is a common way that homeowners refer to refrigerant problems. For the record, though, we want you to know that refrigerant doesn’t loose charge or run low. If you’re running out of refrigerant, then you’re having trouble with a leak. We can pinpoint the source of your refrigerant leak and take the necessary action to correct these issues.

3. The Air Filter is Dirty or Clogged

If you’re not changing your air filter on a regular basis, then your air conditioner isn’t performing to the best of its ability.

You should change your air filter once every three months. A fresh air filter allows your air conditioner to perform to the best of this ability. This is because a dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work much harder than it needs to be.

4. The AC System has Bent Condenser Fins On the Exterior Unit

Your condenser fin is the thin metal slat that runs along the outside of your exterior air conditioning unit. These fins work to move warm air away from your air conditioner while it’s running. If one or more of these condenser fins bend, it can throw off the operation of your entire system.

5. The Fan Speed Is Not Optimized

The fan speed of your air conditioner actually can be adjusted. It’s just something that a professional has to do. This is critical work. If we do some inspection of your air conditioner and discover that this is the issue, then we can get into your AC unit and adjust the motor to a speed that’s more compatible with your home’s needs.

6. The AC System has an Old Blower Fan that Needs to be Replaced

If your blower fan is outdated and not working to full capacity, then your air conditioner needs critical help. Your AC system’s old blower fan is responsible for getting your conditioned air moving. If you ignore this issue, it’s only going to get worse as the summer marches on. Make sure that you alert a professional so we can get the replacement started.

7. Your Home’s IAQ System is Underperforming

If you have a IAQ system and it’s not doing its job, you might notice that your air conditioner starts underperforming. This is because your air conditioner is now on its own trying to fend off IAQ issues while also providing you with cool air.

8.The Air Ducts In Your Home are Leaking or Blocked

Your ducts might be bad! If your ducts are clogged or damaged in any way, you’re going to notice capacity issues with your AC. This is because leaks or blocks mean that your conditioned air can’t get to you with ease. A clear sign that this is happening is either weird sounds coming from your ducts or an unexpected increase in energy bills.

The best way to fix this is to have one of our professionals assess your ducts. We can help you create a gameplan for how to tackle this going forward.

9. Your Thermostat is Damaged

You should be upgrading your thermostat each time that you upgrade your air conditioner. We know that many homeowners out there don’t know this so they don’t do it.

Over time, your thermostat can wear down and incur damage. If this is something that’s happening to you, you might notice your AC system acting “fussy.” It won’t stay on when you want it to or turn off when you want it to. These air the signs of a damaged thermostat and it’s a great opportunity to upgrade to a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat.

10. You Have an Old / Outdated Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioner is the age of 10 or nearing the age of 10, then you have an old air conditioning system. You shouldn’t have to rely on an outdated unit.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: “My air conditioner is fine!” It might seem this way, but the reality is that there’s probably inefficiency or an outright air conditioning issue lurking right underneath the surface. When this is the case, you need new AC installation in Colorado Springs, CO. We’re the team that can handle this for you with ease.

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