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There’s no such thing as a silly question with our team. This is because all our plumbers in Pueblo are patient, humble, and professional. We also recognize that we’re the professionals and you’re the homeowner. We don’t expect you to know everything. We were formally trained in this industry and we’re here to pass our knowledge along to you. 

If you’ve ever wondered what a plumbing fixture is, we’re here to define it for you today. This is one of those terms that’s thrown around so often that you might think that you need to know what it is. You might feel silly asking, but we want you to push past this to get the knowledge you need. Let’s talk about what you should know. 

The Plumbing Fixtures You should Know

According to Merriam Webster, a “plumbing fixture” is defined as a part (such as a sink, toilet, faucet, etc.) that is attached to a system of pipes that carry water through a building. As you can tell by this definition, a plumbing fixture is something that can apply to many different things in the home. We don’t want you to get to lost in the definition when it comes to this term. Because of this, we want to list the most common plumbing fixtures that you should know. Here are a few:

  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showerheads
  • Bidets
  • Pipes
  • Bathtubs
  • Garage Disposal

Common Follow Up Questions

These are a couple of common follow-up questions that we get regarding plumbing fixtures. We want to answer them for you today. 

Is a Water Heater a Plumbing Fixture?

Yes with an asterisk. A water heater can be categorized as a plumbing fixture in some circumstances, but we’d categorize it like a plumbing appliance.

Is a Boiler a Plumbing Fixture?

This answer is also a tentative “yes.” Boilers fall under the same category as water heaters. While they can be categorized as plumbing fixtures and we’ve seen in done in some circumstances, it makes a lot more sense to categorize them as plumbing appliances. 

A lot of the time, categorizing either of these things as an appliance or fixture becomes most important when signing rental agreements or getting homeowner’s insurance. In this instance, the most important thing is making sure that all parties agree on the categorization rather than the categorization itself. You don’t need to get lost in the details. 

Why Your System Deserves Professional Service

So it’s come time for you to replace your plumbing fixtures. A DIY attempt is all too tempting. All the how-to videos and articles are at your fingertips online and you’re tempted to try them. Here is why you shouldn’t. Professional plumbing work takes the guesswork out of everything. We know that homeowners are capable of plumbing work on their own, but it can often be a winding road of trial and error. Professional service makes sure that you get the work done right the first time and helps you avoid extra charges. 

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