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What Type of Heater is Cheapest to Run?

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The weather outside is cooling off and we’re sure that you’re trying to make changes in your home to stay warm. One thing that we’re certain that you’re doing this time of year is running your heater more often. Having a heater in your home in our area is a non-negotiable necessity. Although this is something you need, there’s no guarantee that issues won’t arise with your system. If you’re struggling with your efficiency and the cost of your heater this winter, then we suggest you’ve found the right blog today. 

The truth is that some heaters are cheaper to run than others. The problem with this question is that there isn’t necessarily a fixed answer. Some units are cheaper than others depending on how you run them. This is why it’s important to consider everything from furnace to boiler installation in Colorado Springs, CO when you’re looking for a great system. Let’s talk about what could be cheaper for you below.

Comparing Common Models

Let’s compare common models that homeowners in the area choose to determine which is cheaper. 

Boilers to Furnaces

Generally speaking, boilers are going to be the more efficient system. This is because of the way they use their fuel source. Boilers tend to use less fuel to heat your home which translates to a higher level of efficiency. In addition to this, we hear many homeowners say that they prefer the heating that a boiler can provide to a furnace system. This is because a boiler feels like lying under the sun on a hot day and a furnace feels like warm air being blown around your home. Boilers heat you up faster and if you feel warmer, then you’ll likely rely on your heating system less reducing the cost to run your boiler even further. 

Gas to Electric Furnaces

Natural gas is the cheaper option when comparing gas and electric models. While electric-based units are typically better for the environment, a natural gas unit is what you want to turn to if you’re looking to save yourself money. We can also help you find a furnace with a great AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating so that your natural gas unit can stretch even further. 

Other Types of Heaters

You might not choose from the models we mentioned above. Here are a few others you might consider:

  • Propane heaters: Propane heaters aren’t the most efficient on the market, but they’re a decent option if this is your most viable fuel source. They’re less expensive than electric based heaters because they cost less to run per BTU (British Thermal Unit).
  • Convection Heaters: Convection heaters typically refer to small space heaters. If you do the math, these systems will cost you about $0.20 an hour to run. We wouldn’t suggest this for heating an entire home, but it can be efficient if you’re looking to spot heat one room. 
  • Infrared Heaters: Infrared heaters cost anywhere from $50 to $80 to run a month. They’re in the same boat as convection heaters. If you have a family member that runs a little colder than the rest and they want to add supplemental heat to their room, then this is a great idea. Anything more would get costly. 

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