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My AC System is Making a Strange Noise

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In the past you’ve always been able to describe your air conditioning systems as helpful, cooling, and efficient. This year, though, you’re able to describe your air conditioning system with a new adjective and that’s “noisy.” It’s an unpleasant reality, but it’s your current circumstance. If you’re wondering how to get past this, you’ve found the right professionals.

We specialize in AC repairs in Colorado Springs, CO. If you’re hearing something, then now is your time to say something. We’ll make sure that the sound your hear doesn’t become the downfall of your AC this summer.

Sounds You Might Hear

Here are some things you might hear coming from your home’s air conditioner:

1. Buzzing

Have you heard an odd buzzing noise whenever you run your air conditioner? This might be a few different things. The most common problem that this stems from is a loose fan blade. The fan blade is what’s in charge of pushing the cool air out of your air conditioner. When the blades become misaligned, you might notice that you have trouble cooling your home. This is often coupled with a distinct buzzing sound.

2. Squealing

You turn on your air conditioner and your air conditioner make a high-pitched squealing sound. You’re hearing this squealing noise typically due to a problem with your belt system. Typically, the belt connecting to the motor slips a little.

We want to point out that this is a problem that’s unique to older systems. Newer systems don’t typically have a fan belt. If you’ve had your air conditioner for a while and you’re hearing squealing, then this is more than likely the problem that you’re dealing with.

3. Clicking

Of course, your air conditioner should click when it turns on or turns off, but if you hear clicking noises while your system is running, then you’ve got a problem. Ongoing clicking sounds indicate electrical issues. Start by checking in with your thermostat. If the problem is still ongoing, then you’re going to need one of our air conditioning professionals to hunt down the issue.

4. Banging

If you’re hearing banging noises coming from your outdoor unit, then what you’re hearing is the sound of a loose part. Your air conditioner is still going to try to function without it. The fallout of this is that banging sound your hear. If one part is loose, it’s going to shake, rattle, and roll into other parts of your home’s air conditioning system.

5. Grinding

If you’re hearing loud, persistent grinding noises, that what you’re hearing is the sound of your compressor wearing down. This noise is an expensive one. It’s the sound of your AC’s compressor wearing out. It might be time for you to get a new one. The only way to be absolutely sure that the source of your grinding is from the compressor is through a professional diagnosis. We’re here to help you figure out the source of your grinding.  

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