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You’re having one of those unlucky spring days. The weather is warm, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and… your air conditioner is out.

You were getting along so well until the end there, but your air conditioner decided to give out on you when you need it most. You don’t need to worry about your air conditioning services in Fountain, CO. Our professionals are here to help you when you run into a problem like this. The best thing for you to do is contact our team. We’re going to give you a few things you can try before you pick up the phone though. Keep reading below…

A Helpful Checklist

Sometimes your air conditioning problems are user error. You don’t want a professional to come to your home just to flip a switch and tell you that you didn’t even have an AC issue after all. Here’s a checklist of things you can try before you call us:

  • Try Your Thermostat: Make sure that it’s on a temperature setting that would cool your home rather than warm it. Also make sure it’s on cooling mode rather than heating.
  • Check Your Circuit Breaker: Did your circuit breaker trip? Make sure that your power isn’t off and that it’s a legitimate AC issue.
  • Check for Water Damage: You might not have an AC issue specifically—it could be an electrical issue caused by water damage.

Is nothing working? Here are some things you can do to stay cool while you wait for help.

Stay Cool

Okay… so your air conditioning really isn’t working. What can you do to stay cool in the meantime. Here are a few ideas?

  • Close Your Blinds: Letting in lots of natural light raises the temperature of your home. If your air conditioner goes out during the day, this is the best time for you to close up your blinds and shut out light.
  • Open Your Windows: When the sun goes down and the temperatures cool, open up your windows. Get a cross breeze going to cool down your home.
  • Get Some Cold Water: Your air conditioner is out, but your water is still working! Take a cool shower or dip your feet in a bowl of cool water to lower your body temperature.
  • Sleep Well: Sleep with minimal layers and with breathable fabrics. Cotton is your best friend during hot weather.

These are just band-aid measures. Don’t try to make it too far into the spring or summer season with these tactics. Just use these ideas while you’re waiting for a technician to get out to your home.

Contact a Professional

If nothing is working, then you should contact a professional. We don’t suggest DIY efforts when it comes to your home’s air conditioner. Your air conditioner is a complex piece of equipment that deserves meticulous air conditioning care. We’re not trying to downplay your ability here—it’s possible that you can repair your air conditioner, but it’s not likely that the longevity is going to be there.

Our work is going to keep you cool now and later. Make sure that you contact us sooner than later for your air conditioning services.

Contact Smith Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical for your air conditioning services this spring and summer.

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