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Can I DIY Repair an Inducer Motor on my Furnace?

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So you’re wondering if you can repair the inducer motor on your furnace on your own. Yes! If and only if you are trained and qualified to work on a furnace. If you’re not an HVAC professional, then it’s best that you rely on a trained professional to repair your system. 

When we say this, it’s not because we’re putting your ability or your resourcefulness on the chopping block. We suggest professional work because we’re the ones who can get your work done right the first time. We understand that when you see the signs you may need heating repairs, you want to act quickly. This is a good instinct to have. Trust us when we say that professional heating repair in Colorado Springs, CO will make everything worthwhile. 

What Does a Furnace Inducer Motor Do?

Let’s start it off with the basics. You might have heard of a furnace inducer, but what exactly does a furnace inducer do? A furnace inducer motor is essentially a motor-driven fan. It has an electrical box for power connections and metal housing. Its purpose is to move air through the furnace and heating venting pipes. It also moves harmful gases like carbon monoxide out of your home through the furnace vents. 

On top of keeping your heating system safe by removing potentially poisonous gases from your home, the motor also prevents the furnace burners from clogging with soot. Your furnace motor is important because it keeps your home safe, clean, and efficient. This is why it deserves quality repair work when the time comes. 

How to Tell if the Draft Inducer Motor Has Gone Bad?

So now you might be wondering, “How can I know if my draft inducer motor has gone bad?”

One of the first signs of a draft inducer motor gone bad is the sounds you hear. A failing motor might start making a little noise after the heating cycle starts up. The noises that you might hear may include humming, whirring, or tapping. What you’re hearing is the sound of the motor struggling to perform. 

If you’re not hearing any sounds but you still have a sneaking suspicion that your draft inducer motor is in trouble, then there are steps you can take to check if things are okay.

Step 1: Turn off the power.

Step 2: Take the furnace door off and reach in on the blower motor side. This is usually to the right. Touch the blower motor and check its temperature. If it’s hot, then it typically indicates that it’s trying to start and run but having difficulty doing so. 

Step 3: Reach toward the squirrel cage (this is going to be to your left) and be sure to be careful. Reaching here can have your hand brush up against sharp fins. Now we want you to try to spin the squirrel cage. Does it spin freely? If it doesn’t, then the probable cause of this is that your draft inducer motor has gone bad.

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